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Who You Are

A Book of Essays, Edited by Steve Kettmann


Pedro Gomez of ESPN was a beloved figure in baseball whose death from sudden cardiac arrest on Feb. 7, 2021, unleashed an outpouring of emotion. He was 58, a tough reporter, but mostly a warm, smiling presence who brought out the best in people, and also a crucial bridge between Latin players in the game and baseball’s old school. Edited by Steve Kettmann (One Day at Fenway, Baseball Maverick, Juiced with Jose Canseco, Play Hungry with Pete Rose), these 62 personal essays soar far beyond sports to delve into life lessons and blunt reminders that we could all learn from Pedro’s example.

Profits from every purchase of this book will benefit the Pedro Gomez Foundation.

Before you order your copy of Remember Who You Are, we’d love to have you read some of the essays for free. For now, we’re offering a free look at Steve’s Introduction, Ron Washington’s essay, “He Listened,” Brian Murphy’s phenomenal evocation of being on the road with Pedro in New York, “Always Grab the Corks,” Jason La Canfora’s powerful account of the impact meeting Pedro had on him as a young sportswriter, “Let Enthusiasm Rule,” and Keith Olbermann’s essay to close out the collection, “All Friends Are Best Friends.”

"Pedro will always be remembered as one of the great baseball writers of all time."

Bud Black

Manager, Colorado Rockies

"When you give respect the way Pedro did, you get respect back."

Tony La Russa

Manager, Chicago White Sox

"Pedro stood for ‘Have fun every single day. Whoever you come across, try to find the good in people. And when you find good people, talk to them even more.’"

Max Scherzer

Pitcher, LA Dodgers

"Pedro looked at the world and asked what he could do that day to help his best friends. And we were all his best friends."

Keith Olbermann